Rod Stewart Underwent Secret Cancer Scare And Kept It To Himself Because He Didn't Want To "Make A Fuss"

Date August 1, 2019 15:13

The rock singer Rod Stewart feared he would never perform again after undergoing emergency surgery for throat cancer in 2001.

In his autobiography "Rod: The Autobiography of Rod Stewart," the rock star described the distress he felt the first six months following his surgery as he waited for his voice to return.

Stewart started vocal therapy as part of his rehabilitation and was able to sing again after nine months, though in a voice that was an octave lower.

Unfortunately, the singer's fears haven't disappeared even after he won his fight with thyroid cancer.

18 years after battling the disease the 73-year-old singer was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate gland.

Doctors 'found a lump' during a regular check-up in 2016.

Yet, even more shocking was the fact that Rod decided to only tell a select few, including wife Penny Lancaster, 47, so as not to 'make a fuss'.

Luckily, he was later told he had benign prostatic hyperplasia and did not need surgery. Just imagine what a tough period of life it's been for him and his family.

Today, Rod Stewart is absolutely safe and sound and continue enjoying his life alongside his caring wife. The man proved himself as a real fighter and a great role model for all who struggle with the disease. Miracles happen when we believe in them!