Celebrity Numerologist Reveals What The Future Holds For Prince Louis, Prince George, And Princess Charlotte

Date August 22, 2018 16:09

While people are still trying to guess what the future holds for the royal family, there are those who already seem to know it all.

Who is Glynis McCants?

In fact, Glynis McCants says she can predict the life of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. And that’s because she is a celebrity numerologist. According to, the woman has been studying numerology for over 27 years now. And that’s her unique method she owes everything to. It is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old.

What do numbers say about the royal children?

And while all the ideas suggested by Glynis McCants are just her guesses, here is what she shared with Daily Mail.

When in comes to Prince Louis, he will be a real Prince Charming, just like his uncle, Prince Harry. This man will be full of energy, but at the same time, it will be hard for him to settle down until he eventually finds his love.

His Life Path is compatible with both his mother and sister, and all three kids have 2's in their charts. The 2 vibration has the need to show love, so this family is truly blessed to be together; he will be spontaneous, and there will never be a dull moment when he is around.


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Prince George, in his turn, is a real future king with all the necessary traits needed. He is said to make a huge difference during his life. This man will have his own opinion in everything and he won’t be hesitating with what he wants.


Prince George was born to rule, and he has a great chart for a future king. He is destined to make a profound difference during his lifetime. And here’s what the numerologist says:

And although Kate may have to reign him in from time to time, he will learn mom does have boundaries, and it is best not to cross them.

Since Kate has an 8 Soul Number, and George is an 8 Life Path, subconsciously he fulfills her soul, and her love for him is truly unconditional. Despite the difference in their personalities, Louis and George should get along well.

And the last but not least – Princess Charlotte. She is both like her mom and her granny. On the one hand, she will be a perfect mother. She will even manage to mother both Prince Louis and Prince George. On the other hand, she is said to make a great queen in the future.

When Queen Elizabeth looks at her great granddaughter, she must see herself there. They not only look alike at the same age, but Princess Charlotte already waves to the crowd as if she is Queen.

Princess Charlotte’s resemblance to the Queen

At such young age, Princess Charlotte already has a lot of similarities with her grandmother, the Queen. And they are in the shape of her chin and mouth, her eyes and hair. Charlotte is also as independent and confident in her behavior as the Queen.



Anyways, such predictions seem to be rather great. Let’s hope the future will be favorable not only for the royal family but for the whole world too.


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