How Toni Braxton's Son Overcame Autism To Become A Famous Model – But People Are Skeptical

Date August 9, 2018 15:31

Scientists devote a lot of their time and efforts to research such a tricky but so important notion as autism. And here’s what they’ve recently found out.

Regressive autism is more common for African Americans?

The thing is that recent studies presented by the researcher Adiaha Spinks Franklin suggest that the symptoms of regressive autism are twice as common for African American children as for white children.

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Dr. Franklin was the first to dig into the regression rates by ethnicity. And the rate is twice as high among African American kids as Caucasian ones.

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Toni says her son is out of spectrum

Toni Braxton is one of those celebrity mothers who know about autism from their personal experience. The 7-time Grammy winner’s son, Diezel, is now 12 years old, and he has autism. Toni has been invited to the Autism Speaks to share her experience. And here is what she said:

I remember the signs: like no eye contact, very little communication, just little things, and I said 'hmm’.

Luckily, she had an ABA therapist who managed to get her son on the right track. Now, the mother claims:

He is a typical peer, I am very lucky.

What’s more, he’s recently signed a model contract and he's so happy about that. But the most important thing for a mother in such situation is to understand that’s just how the things are – there’s nothing she could have done differently.

People say there’s no cure

However, people don’t believe Toni when she says her son has been totally cured of autism. The thing is they say there is no cure as this is a neurological divergence which doesn't just go away.

There are certain interventions that made the situation better, but they don’t cure autism. According to the Autism speaks, there is no cure:

You may also hear about children diagnosed with autism who reach “best outcome” status. This means they have scored within normal ranges on tests for IQ, language, adaptive functioning, school placement and personality, but still have mild symptoms on some personality and diagnostic tests.

Anyways, it’s only up to the mother to believe in what she wants. And there’s no one who can make her think differently. The main thing here is for her and her son to be happy with their lives.

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