Could Clark Gable’s Grandson Choose Another Profession Than His Granddad?

Date August 8, 2018 09:53

When they ask what does it take to become a Hollywood celebrity, there won’t ever be a definite answer. But here’s one story of a man who became a real king of Hollywood.

Clark Gable - The King of Hollywood

Clark was just a bus boy and appeared in some silent films. Then, there were some supporting roles for a few years, and only after that, the actor received his first leading role that was followed by the whole 3 decades of being a leading man in Hollywood.

His charm and charisma captivated everyone, no matter if it was a man or a woman. Over 60 motion pictures – that’s what Gable could boast about.

The grandson

Now, there’s time in Hollywood for another Gable, and it’s getting more and more interesting if Clark James Gable will follow his famous grandfather’s footsteps. He is known as Clark Gable III and looks just like his granddad.



Gable III has already tried himself in modelling, which he likes a lot. And that’s definitely the right thing to do, especially if you have such powerful genes. Women were crazy about his grandfather. That must be the fate waiting for Clark Gable III. Don’t you think?

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Another actor in the family

What’s more, he is trying to pursue a career in television. Cheaters – that’s a reality show he’s been hosting. And here’s what the man says about his passion, which is acting as quoted in the Hollywood Reporter:

Acting in films - It’s in my blood, and I really want to do it just like my grandfather. But I don’t want to be compared to him in any way because I am different. I just happen to be born into these great circumstances, so I feel it gives me a great opportunity for what I want to do.

All in all, it’s a great honor to be a grandson of such a famous and talented actor as Clark Gable. His grandson should understand he can’t just let everyone down and do his best when pursuing a similar career.

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