Cybill Shepherd On Coming Back To Jesus After She Lost Him Due To Years Of Provocative Roles On TV

Date August 9, 2018

There’s been everything in Cybill Shepherd’s career. She used to play sexy models and all kinds of provocative roles, but somewhere in the depths of her soul, she has always been a true Christian.

Near-death experience changed it all

On the whole, the movies Cybill Shepherd took part in weren’t that Christian-oriented. As a result, she has earned a reputation of a not very serious woman in the movies. However, now, everything seems to have changed.

Now, she is playing a grieving mother in a touching movie Do You Believe? It’s the movie that gives her a chance to open up from a different angle, as it’s where she can show off her faith and religious side.

The actress once lived through a near-death experience that she describes like this:

I felt my soul went up to a star. And then I said, 'You can't go there; you have three children. Get back down there. You've got to stay alive.


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Reconnecting with Jesus

It’s the movie the actress is starring in now made her reconnect with God and remember the times she was young. She admits she had a Christian upbringing. Here’s what she reveals in one of her interviews as quoted by Christian post:

I was born a Christian, sang in the choir then I lost touch with my savior Jesus Christ. I stopped talking to Him and praying. Then I just started talking to Jesus and I started to feel really good and I got the offer to do this film.


In the movie, she plays a role of a grieving mother who lost her daughter. And here’s how the actress describes the experience:

I cried four times. I felt very strongly it was not proselytizing. It was telling true human stories how we're all interconnected, how we all get saved.

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First engagement

With the movie, Cybill’s life has changed as well. Recently, she’s received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of 3 years. The woman admits she’s been married twice, but it’s her first engagement and, of course, engagement ring.



Cybill proves there’s nothing bad that hasn’t turned good. She’s an example of how a person can return to being a true Christian as well as how one might experience something new even when others quit hoping.

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