Bollywood Star Sonali Bendre Posted An Emotional Video Of Getting Her Hair Cut Off After Cancer Diagnosis

Date July 12, 2018

A couple of days after announcing her cancer diagnosis, a Bollywood star, Sonali Bendre, posted a video of cutting her hair off before chemotherapy treatment. By this step, Sonali wanted to show she keeps on fighting with her disease.

Emotional video

43-year-old Sonali Bendre is a famous actress and model. She is quite popular not only in Bollywood but worldwide as well. Bendre was a judge on Indian Idol 4 and India's Got Talent.

On Tuesday, the Bollywood star shared an emotional Instagram post of getting her hair cut off before cancer treatment. A week ago, Sonali announced she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

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If you scroll the post, you’ll see the video showing Sonali tearing up as the hairdresser cuts away her beautiful long curls.

The star wrote in a caption citing her favorite author Isabel Allende:

We don't even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward…

Bendre added that by posting this video, she wants to inspire her fans and followers to never lose hope and believe in the positive outcome.

Tips to reduce cancer risk

It’s always better to prevent a disease rather than to treat it. Here are several cancer prevention tips everyone should know.

1. Eat healthy food and avoid alcohol.

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2. Do not spend too much time on the sun (especially in the summer season).

3. Lead a healthy way of life; be physically active.

4. Spend enough time outdoors.

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5. Take vitamins (according to a doctor’s prescription only).

6. Take medical tests for various types of cancer on a regular basis.

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Take care of yourself!

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