Expert Analyzed Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip’s Body Language And Explained The Truth Behind Their Relationships

Date July 18, 2018

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and His Royal Highness Prince Philip have been married for 70 years. That’s a tremendous milestone for every marriage, do you agree? However, we can rarely see the monarchs kissing or even holding hands in public.

What is it? A royal etiquette, or maybe, they just lost that sparkle between them after so many years? A body language expert explains everything.


A body language expert reveals the truth

The Queen and Prince Philip tied the knot 70 years ago. On November 20, they celebrated their anniversary.


We have no doubt the two people who stay together for so many years share much more than just romantic feelings. It’s more about mutual respect, support, and devotion to your second half.

But what is indeed going on between the Queen and her husband? Are they still in love? A body language expert, Judi James, will explain the truth behind the royals’ relationship looking at their recent photos together.

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In the first picture, we see the monarchs standing side by side at the races. Judi commented on the photograph:

When the Queen is relaxed and smiling she will sometimes mirror Philip’s pose in what looks like a subconscious act that will be prompted by high levels of rapport.


In the next photo, we see the Queen sitting in front of some official documents, while Prince Philip is standing in the background. But what one can miss in this picture is the sweet gesture Philip made checking for a pen in his pocket in case his wife will need it to sign the document.


The third photograph portraits the couple sitting side by side with the Queen’s legs covered with a blanket. They both smile and look totally relax in the company of each other.

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Judi James commented on the photo:

They’re not laughing to cheer one another up as couples often do, they’re laughing because they’re both enjoying the same joke.


And the last image shows Prince Philip and his wife stepped out together at the Remembrance Sunday. Despite the sad event, the royals show a special unity as they both experience very strong emotions.

The body language expert said:

This moment of direct eye contact shows how little their intrinsic body language displays of affection have changed from the day they were married.


It’s true that Her Majesty and her husband rarely hold hands or kiss in public, but as we see, it doesn’t mean anything. Their feelings are still warm as many years ago. Agree that not every couple can have such trusted and sincere relationships after seven decades together.

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