Heartbreaking Promise Prince William Made To His Mother Diana But Could Not Keep It Before Her Sad Passing

Date July 24, 2018

If Princess Diana was alive, she would be so proud of her sons, William and Harry. However, there was one thing William promised to his late mother, which he just couldn’t realize before she passed away.

Not a royal anymore

Life of late Princess Diana still inspires millions even after her tragic passing. It all began like in a fairytale, when a girl meets her charming prince and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, the real life is not as rainbow as we want it to be.


After Diana and Charles’ divorce, the people’s princess lost her royal title and the right to be called “Her Royal Highness.”

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It means Diana was officially separated from the rest of the British monarchs. As being not a royal anymore, Lady Di had to curtsey to other members of the royal family, including her ex-husband.


However, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth said Diana will continue “to be regarded as a member of their family.” Moreover, the former princess continued to receive invitations to various public engagements.

Heartbreaking promise

According to a former servant of the royal household, Paul Burrell, Diana once talked to her elder son William about the loss of her royal title. That’s when William made a promise to his mother when noticed how much upset she was.

William told Diana:

Don't worry, Mummy. I will give it back to you one day when I am king!

Unfortunately, William could not keep his promise before Diana’s passing. But it doesn’t make him a bad son. We all know how much he loves his mother.


Prince William constantly reminds his children about their wonderful “Granny Diana” and keeps her legacy alive with the sweet memories of his beloved mother.  

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