Totally Unexpected! Kim Kardashian And Kate Middleton Share A Surprising Link

Date August 31, 2018

What do Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian have in common? Is there anything in the universe that unites these two so beautiful and so different young ladies? It appears there is a surprising link between the two.



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Surprising link between Kate and Kim

Kim Kardashian is a popular reality star. Kate Middleton is a member of the British royal family. They live totally different lives but still share a surprising bond.

You may say, the only thing they have in common is their worldwide popularity. That’s true! But there is one more link between the Duchess and the reality star.

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Both Kim and Kate are very stylish women who always look great at every social event. They are able to steal the spotlight wherever they go, either at a celebrity party or an official dinner with the Queen.

Despite they live in different countries and have diverse fashion styles, Kate and Kim are fashion icons in their surroundings.

Kim’s special present to Kate

It looks like Kardashian also noticed a resemblance between her and the Duchess.

On Kate’s 30th birthday in 2012, Kim presented the royal with a gorgeous gift. She created a high heeled shoe in honor of Kate’s anniversary, called “The Duchess.”

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Kim also shared a video with the best wishes to Kate. Kardashian said she loved her style:

I love her style personally, and I think that every woman should feel like a princess every day.

Kardashian deserves standing ovations. She managed to congratulate the Duchess and to promote her brand at the same time. Great job, KK!

Although her royal status doesn’t allow Kate to accept unsolicited gifts, we really hope she kept this one for herself.

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