How 12-Year-Old Prince Harry Managed Not To Cry In Public At Diana’s Funeral

Date September 4, 2018

21 years ago, the world lost the ‘People’s Princess’, Diana, who died in a car accident. It was a devastating tragedy for everyone, especially for her two sons, William and Harry.

Harry was just 12 at that time, but he still found the strength not to cry in public. How did the teenage boy manage to cope with his emotions?

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When people lost their princess…

The iconic royal lost her life 21 years ago, in a tragic car accident in Paris. There are several versions considering Diana’s demise. Some people blame paparazzi, who followed her car in the tunnel. Others claim it was her driver who lost control over the vehicle.

Britain lost their favorite princess, but her sons lost their loving and passionate mother. Diana’s funeral was watched by 2 billion people worldwide. Some people still wonder how 15-year-old William and 12-year-old Harry managed not to cry during the ceremony. But the boys did cry inside!


How Harry saved himself from collapsing in grief

In the new biography titled Harry: A Biography of a Prince, the youngest son of Diana recalled the moment he forced himself not to cry in public at his mother’s funeral.

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The author wrote:

Harry admitted he did whatever he could not to break down in front of the world. He gripped his wrists very tight, and he wasn’t going to do it. That was his way of distancing himself from the grief.

It’s hard to imagine what Harry and William felt while walking behind their mother’s coffin, with thousands of people watching them. Only those who lost their loved ones know this devastating feeling.


Diana would have been proud

Diana would have been proud of her sons. Both William and Harry continue their late mother’s legacy through social work. They support multiple charitable organizations, just like Diana did when she was alive.


William and Harry are both happily married. William has three wonderful kids. Harry and his wife, Meghan, also dream about having children in the nearest future.

Both brothers keep Diana’s memory alive in every way possible. William and Harry definitely inherited their best traits from their late mother. No doubt, they will pass them to their own children.

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