We Will Miss Him! Jim Carrey Has Some Reasons To Say Goodbye To Hollywood Once And For All

Date August 20, 2018 15:09

Jim Carrey is known worldwide as an easy-going pal with an exceptional sense of humor, who seems to live a careless and comfortable, in all senses, life in Hollywood. But is it really so? If the actor’s life is, indeed, as magnificent as it seems, then why did he make a decision to quit everything?


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The world-famous funny man

Jim Carrey undoubtedly deserves a title of the first funny man in Hollywood. Just remember his awesome roles in Ace VenturaThe MaskDumb and Dumber.

It’s hard to imagine someone else playing Jim Carrey's role of a funny (sometimes, not so smart) young guy, who just can’t take the life seriously (and actually, doesn’t want to).

But in his real life, Jim is quite another kind of person. Like everyone else, he has his personal pain and he suffers from misunderstanding and double standards of luxurious life.


Jim Carrey says goodbye to Hollywood?!

When you devote all your life to hard work, it’s quite predictable that, at some point, you will just get tired of all of this. Money, fame, public interest…Jim got so tired of this kind of things.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the actor decided to retire from acting and say goodbye to Hollywood. Jim said:

I just didn't want to be in the business anymore. I didn't like what was happening, the corporations taking over and all that.


The actor explained he “doesn't feel like he’s trying to hold on to anything." According to Jim, he kept asking himself one simple question: “Who am I?”

Several decades ago, Carrey said his main goal was simple – to make fun of the leading man through his roles.

 My plan was not to join Hollywood, it was to destroy it.

Of course, the actor did not actually mean it. What he really wanted was to destroy foolish stereotypes and double standards in Hollywood.

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Jim explained the reason he decided to say goodbye to Hollywood pretty simply. He said, “It's really not a place that's very comfortable for me for a very long time."

New hobby

Maybe, Jim Carrey’s decision to quit acting has one more reason. Jim found himself in his new hobby – sketches.

Over the last year, the comedian has been channeling his artistic side by devoting a series of paintings to the President of the United States and other politicians.


Carrey started sharing his funny sketches on social media, and they immediately generated a huge public attention.

It’s hard to imagine the film industry without Jim Carrey. Who else would make us laugh and cry at the same time as only Jim did?!

Nevertheless, we still hope the actor’s decision is not final and that he will please his fans with new awesome roles. Meanwhile, we can enjoy his satirical sketches.

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