Donald Trump Meets Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Is There Going To Be Dancing Or Horse Riding, Like With The Other US Presidents?

Date July 13, 2018

President Donald Trump is visiting England to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on Friday afternoon. What are their plans for this day and how is the Queen going to greet the president and the first lady? Let’s find out.

Details of President Trump and Queen Elizabeth’s meeting

The President of the United States will meet Queen Elizabeth during his official trip to the UK. Donald Trump is going to visit Windsor Castle together with First Lady Melania Trump.


According to the official source, no traffic will be allowed on the main roads, and this includes buses and taxes.


The most intriguing question that bothers everyone is how will Her Majesty entertain the American guests? Will there be dancing and horse riding, or just a formal dinner?

For now on, the one thing we know for sure is that Trump will join the Queen fo tea in the Windsor Castle. Is there going to be dancing afterward? We’ll see.

As for the royal etiquette, First Lady Melania Trump is expected to follow several rules during her meeting with the Queen. She will be expected to curtsey, or at least bow her head.

Melania is allowed to shake hands with Her Majesty only if she offers it herself. And, of course, it’s a taboo to touch the monarch or hug and kiss her.


What about the other US presidents?

Trump will be the 12th president that the Queen has met over the last 66 years.

When Her Majesty met Barack Obama and his wife Michelle in 2016, they had lunch in the Windsor Castle together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


George W. Bush and his wife Laura were greeted by a 41-gun salute.


Ronald and Nancy Reagan were treated to horse riding.


Gerald Ford was honored to dance with the Queen during the state dinner at the White House in 1976.

Do you think Donald Trump will also get the honor to dance with Her Majesty during his official visit?

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