Barbara Bush Revealed A Special Reason Why She Rushed With Her Wedding To Craig Coyne

Date October 11, 2018

Barbara Bush revealed a heart-melting reason why she rushed with her wedding to Craig Coyne. We broke into tears when heard it.


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Why Barbara Bush rushed her wedding

Barbara Bush, a daughter of the former US President George W. Bush, tied the knot with her beloved boyfriend, Craig Coyne, last weekend.

It was a private ceremony with around 20 closest family members. George W. Bush walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle, while her mother Laura couldn’t hold back happy tears.

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Sadly, but the bride’s dearest grandma, late Barbara Bush, couldn’t witness her wedding day. The former US First Lady passed away in April aged 92 following pancreatic cancer.

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The bride felt sad not to have her grandma by her side at the wedding. That’s why she decided, at least, her grandpa should be there. George H.W. Bush is 94, and his health saw a decline after his wife’s demise.

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Barbara told People:

We just thought, let’s try to do it soon. We knew we wanted to be married — we’d already made that decision — so we didn’t need months of an engagement.


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How sweet is that?! By the way, the bride commemorated her late grandmother’s memory in a touching way. At the wedding, she wore a bracelet which her grandma gave to her. It was something borrowed from late Mrs. Bush. This bracelet her husband presented to Barbara on their 70th anniversary.


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We have no doubt that her grandmother would be so proud of Barbara. What she did is truly commendable!

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