Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter's Simple Lifestyle Is Extremely Rare If Compare To Other Presidential Couples

Date September 11, 2018

In the modern society, people got used that politicians have an active life on social media. Almost all of them have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. President Trump and former US president, Barack Obama, do not hide their personal lives from the public.

However, not all politicians behave like that. Jimmy Carter's simple lifestyle is extremely rare if compare to other presidents.


Simple lifestyle of the former president

Jimmy Carter served as the president of the United States for 37 years, longer than anyone else in history.

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We do not hear a lot about Carter because the ex-president and his family prefer to stay aside from the public eyes. Their lifestyle is pretty modest in comparison with other country leaders.

After leaving the White House, Carter has returned full-time to the house he lived in before he entered politics - a two-bedroom rancher.



Carter doesn’t fly on private jets like other politicians. Instead, he prefers to fly commercial. Besides, he takes a real pleasure from greeting other passengers and even taking photos.

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Jimmy and his belloved wife Rosalynn feel rather comfortable to live in a small town where they were born, to enjoy long promenades together, and to arrange a Saturday night dinner in a local restaurant.


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 When he left the Cabinet, Carter decided not to join a big business and give speeches for big money because he said he didn’t want to “capitalize financially on being in the White House.”


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Secret to the happy marriage

In 2016, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter marked their 70-year marriage anniversary. They started dating when Jimmy studied at the Naval Academy. Rosalynn confessed she “developed a crush on him after seeing a Jimmy in the uniform.”


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Even after more than 7 decades together, Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter still have tender relationships and enjoy spending time in the company of each other. What’s the secret to their happy and lasting marriage?

It’s pretty simple. After so many years together, Jimmy and Rosalynn share all the good and bad that happen in their lives. They support each other no matter what. Neighbors often see this couple walking hand in hand and laughing.

Carter once said:

Of everything we’ve accomplished together and apart, we know it’s the marriage milestone that really stops people in their tracks.


Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have a beautiful and touching love story that makes other people believe in the sanctity of marriage.

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