Prince William And Kate Middleton Keep A Huge Secret From Son George To Protect His Normal Childhood

Date July 25, 2018 11:33

Prince William and Kate Middleton have some big secret from their eldest son George. You will be surprised to find out what it is.

Big secret

Raising kids is not an easy task, especially when one of them will become a king someday.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are the parents of three now, have their own rules and restrictions when it comes to their kids.

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But it appears there is one thing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep in a secret from their eldest son. Prince George doesn’t know he is a royal. Can you imagine this?

In her book Charles: The Heart of a King, author Catherine Mayer says Kate and William simply want George to have a normal childhood.

Agree that when from your early years you live with the feeling of becoming a king of England… it’s a bit tough, isn’t it?

Mayer explained:

With George, they are trying to delay that moment of realization and give him normality before they thrust this on him.


In her book, Mayer says William’s father, Prince Charles, spent most of his childhood with nannies and it was a bit hard for him to realize the fact he would become a king. So with George, William and Kate are trying to delay that moment of realization.


Nevertheless, Prince George most likely understands what it means to be a public figure as he often takes part in the royal events together with his parents.

Like all parents, William and Kate have their right to make a decision considering their children’s future. And we think it’s great the little royals can enjoy a trouble-free and happy childhood.  

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