Doris Day's Pal Says She Was Manipulated By Her 4 Husbands: “She Was Looking For The Father She Never Had"

Date July 1, 2019 16:29

The Hollywood legend Doris Day was loved and admired by millions of fans worldwide, but few people knew about her personal drama. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the life of the late star.


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Doris Day: gone but never forgotten

Doris Day was one of those Hollywood pioneers who made her name for herself. Doris was a talented actress who starred alongside such famous heartthrobs as Kirk Douglas, Clarke Gable, Frank Sinatra, and many others.


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Her own sitcom The Doris Say Show increased the actress’ popularity and enlarged her army of devoted fans. A talented person is talented in everything. That was fair to say about Day. Besides her acting skills, Doris had an exceptionally beautiful voice. Her songs still melt fans’ hearts.


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On April 3, 2019, Doris Day celebrated her 97th birthday. A month later, she sadly passed away surrounded by her loved ones.


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Doris’ personal drama

Doris Day was always surrounded by the most handsome and outstanding actors, but she always remained faithful to her husbands. The actress was married four times. But was she really happy in her marriages?


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Her former employee Mike DeVita opened up about Doris’ real relationships with her husbands in an interview with The Post.


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DeVita revealed:

Doris was very trusting. She was manipulated all her life, usually by her husbands.

And added:

She was looking for the father she never had with her husbands — and even Bob.


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Some people say that a beautiful and smart woman with a successful career just can’t be happy in her personal life as most men are afraid of strong and confident women. Maybe, the incredible and world-famous Doris Day suffered from the same ‘condition’?

The one thing we know for sure is that Doris Day was loved by millions of people around the globe. Women like her are called ‘one-of-a-kind’. So she was - our beloved Doris Day!