'Fuller House' Star And Hollywood Heartthrob Juan Pablo Di Pace Comes Out As Gay In An Emotional Speech

Date July 11, 2019 17:57

A Hollywood heartthrob and Fuller House star Juan Pablo Di Pace came out as gay in an emotional speech. Juan said he finally feels free now.

Coming out

Juan Pablo Di Pace, a real heartthrob with beautiful eyes and a charming smile, stole a lot of female hearts when he first appeared on screen.

Di Pace is best-known for his role in a popular series Fuller House. The 39-year-old actor got used to the constant attention of his multiple female fans. However, Juan made a drastic decision to reveal his own identity instead of keep living with his big secret.

During his emotional monologue on TedX Talk, the Fuller House star came out as gay. Juan said he decided to share this aspect of his life to inspire others to accept themselves as they are.

The actor recalled his feelings after coming out:

What I felt was an overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance and freedom that I could never even put into words. A message from God? Maybe.

Di Pace added that he revealed his identity to his parents and closest friends a long time ago, so it wasn’t some bombshell surprise for them.

But now, the actor said it was time to open up to his fans and co-stars hoping for their understanding.

Fans support Juan Pablo

It was a brave decision for Juan Pablo to come out. We really respect him for this and hope his revelation won’t affect all the love and admiration of his numerous fans.