Sarah Ferguson Surprises Everyone With A Heart-Warming Description Of Queen Elizabeth, Despite Her Divorce From Her Son

Date September 21, 2018

If you are a die-hard fan of the intrigues of Buckingham Palace, then you would know all about Duchess Sarah Ferguson and her scandalous split from Prince Andrew, the Queen's son.

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Married to Prince Charles’ younger brother in 1986, Prince Andrew, Sarah became the Duchess of York and was quite popular for her outrageous remarks and preferences, considered ‘extravagant’ by some. After 10 years and two children, they filed for divorce due to her husband’s long absences from home and her desire to work. Of course, there are rumors of her infidelity, but back then, no one ever confirmed that.


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In spite of this backstory, it is quite shocking that in a 2007 interview, Ferguson described the Queen in truly lovely terms.  

She said she had always got on well with the Queen, and went on to call the royal matriarch extraordinary. She defended the Queen as a true mother. In her words:

I uphold everything Her Majesty represents, has given up her life for. For her country, she is selfless to the grave.

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One can’t help but wonder how is it possible that these two women can get along so well. But then again, the events during the divorce were really unique. When the Queen asked the Duchess what she wanted as a settlement, she said, “Your friendship.”

Obviously, this preference for a good relationship with the Queen – and by extension, the entire royal family – endeared the Duchess to Her Majesty.

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Aside from the smooth relationship between the two women, it is well-known that sparks have been flying between the Duchess and Prince Andrew. Over 20 years after their divorce, reports are that the two former lovebirds are still great friends. Sarah Ferguson gushed over the Prince repeatedly during his birthday, and rendered public emotional support to him.


We can’t help but hope for some sort of reunion between Prince Andrew and Sarah. Besides, with the beautiful words that the Duchess has spoken about the Queen, remarriage won’t be out of place, would it?

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