Look Out World, There's Donald Trump's Grand Child On Your Tail, And He Is Cute As A Button

Date May 28, 2018 13:45

It has been two years already since little Theodore was born to First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. He joined siblings Arabella Rose and Joseph Frederick. And the toddler is growing up pretty nicely. A few days ago, Ivanka shared this picture of Theodore, as he walked with her at the White House during a lunch break.


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Like his siblings, little Theodore gets photographed pretty often. Seeing as Ivanka is a bit of a photography buff herself, Theodore has little worry about being caught on his bad side.


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Earlier in April, Ivanka shared a surprising bit of information about the cute child. Apparently, he has taken a shine for gardening, which is rather odd for someone of his age. Little Theodore really loves to get down close to the soil and plant in the family garden.


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Ivanka has been a Personal Adviser to President Donald Trump since March 2017. With little Theodore already making appearances at the White House, we can only wonder is he may already be a little politician in the wings.


Besides gardening, Theodore seems to have a thing for construction, just like his grandpa, President Donald Trump. Whichever the direction he goes, it is pretty sure that Theodore will get lots of support. But for now, it’s time to put on some rubber boots and get planting.

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