Different Strokes: Did The Police Push Homeless People Out Of Windsor Before The Royal Wedding?

Date May 22, 2018

Many efforts were put into preparations for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Although the actual wedding is reported to have cost just over $1million, security costs are said to have surpassed $42.8 million.

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The U.K. wedding site Bridebook notes that the amount covered the cost of snipers, undercover police, and a counter-UAV system for the event.

What about the homeless people?

Prior to the royal wedding, there were several reports of police officers forcefully ejecting homeless people from the streets of Windsor. The actions were deemed discriminatory by many Britons and sparked a controversy that almost overshadowed the wedding.

However, Police Superintendent Jim Weems, who was responsible for the police presence at the wedding, said that the reports were not true. Speaking to BBC on Tuesday, he said the police “takes a very compassionate approach to homelessness.”

Still, there were clearly some actions taken by the police to attend to the teeming number of homeless people who take shelter on doorstops and street corners in Windsor. It seems the police were asking homeless people to temporarily move off the streets till the wedding was done.

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Local Thames Valley Police told TIME that the storage of belongings was “entirely voluntary” and designed “to ensure the safety of the homeless community.”

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The issue of homeless people first came up in January. Simon Dudley, who leads the local government, asked the police to use force to eject vagrants that created a “hostile atmosphere” in Windsor.

Murphy James, who works with the Windsor Homeless Project, was of the opinion that the move by local police to store possessions of homeless people would ensure that other officers from of town do not destroy them.


Homelessness in Windsor brings to light the torrid situation in the UK, as the National Audit Office reports that the number of people living in the streets increased by 134% since 2010. Opposition leaders have blamed the situation on the decline in public spending.

It is unlikely that any temporary measure employed by the police in Windsor will do much to curb the street sleepers.

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