Kylie Jenner Is Back With A Bang And A Splash Of Yellow

Date June 25, 2018

Kylie Jenner's fans were shocked recently when they noticed that pictures of cute little Stormi suddenly started vanishing from Kylie’s Instagram account. Before the disappearance, the model and reality TV show star posted regular updates of herself and the baby on her account.


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While the new move saddened many fans, Kylie’s decision may not be unrelated to internet trolls, suggesting that Kylie lied about the baby’s father being rapper Travis Scott. There are allegations that Tim Chung, Kylie’s bodyguard, is the real father of the baby.

While the dust is far from settled, it seems like Kylie is going about her business as always. She recently showed up at a public event in yet another unexpected outfit. The mom wore a bright yellow jumpsuit that just about covered every inch of her body.


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The new outfit let little to the imagination, but as always, she still rocked it like she does all her other outfits. Like a star.

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In the aftermath of criticism from fans about Kylie attending public events not long after her baby was born, Kylie seems unapologetic. In a recent interview, she spoke about the joys of motherhood.

Every time I leave and I’m stressed about leaving her, I’m like, ‘I’m doing it for you.


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Some fans still find it hard to understand how spending time away from a baby does any good. But Kylie seems to have her mothering method figured out.

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