Sarah Ferguson Shares Warm Post About Her Daughters Princess Eugenie And Princess Beatrice

Date June 22, 2018

In some quarters, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is regarded as the proverbial black sheep of the royal family, no thanks to her messy affair and consequent divorce from Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. But that has not stopped her from staying involved in the life of her family members.


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And despite being separated, she still enjoys a healthy relationship with her ex-husband. They attend family milestones together and even still live in the same house.


Recently, she shared this post on Instagram, complimenting Prince Andrew as he rode a horse for the first time in public at the Trooping the Colour celebrations.

He is not the only one getting heartwarming posts either. The duchess often gushes about her daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, on social media as well. Yesterday, she shared a photo of the princesses, as they sat together at the Royal Ascot with the caption “so proud of my girls”.

The duchess has always been proud about how her daughters turned out, and many observers give her credit for raising them right. On her part, she did not have a particularly pleasant time growing up.


Other children often ridiculed her because of her weight and even called her names. In addition, her mother, Susan Barrantes, verbally abused her on numerous occasions.


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Thankfully, she learnt from her mother’s mistakes and worked hard over the years to raise her daughters with love.

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