Alexi Lubomirski, The Wedding Photographer For Prince Harry And Meghan Markle, Is Also A Royal

Date May 24, 2018

Alexi Lubomirski is the man behind the fabulous pictures that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released to the public after their pre-wedding shoot.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with ET, Lubomirski said his plan was to capture the beautiful couple in a way that showed their personalities while not deviating entirely from the style of picture preferred by the royal family.

We wanted to make it a bit more authentic, a bit more about them, a bit more real.

He also happens to be the same person responsible for the pictures taken of the royal family and Meghan’s bridal train after the wedding. Apparently, Lubomirski had only twenty-five minutes to take pictures with the royal family after the wedding.

According to the photographer, he was in shock when a representative from Kensington Palace told him that the Queen would also be in the party taking photographs. Despite his initial shock, Lubomirski still did a pretty good job.

He is also a royal

One little known fact about the famous wedding photographer is that he also happens to be a prince himself. His father is a Polish prince, and as such, Lubomirski is a direct descendent of royalty. When he was 11, his mother told him a bit about the family history.

Lubomirski’s official title is His Serene Highness, but he does not use it in an official capacity. He told CBS News that the title did not come with the airs and privileges royals like Prince Harry enjoyed. Still, that is one delightful similarity he shares with the Duke of Sussex.

He is currently an ambassador for a charity called Concern Worldwide and uses his voice to bring attention to poverty stricken areas around the world.

What are the odds that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would pick a royal to be their official photographer? Was it planned and just following a theme that was ‘all royal’, or did providence come calling?

Whatever the case may be, the opportunity to take picture at a royal wedding is by far the highest achievement for this fabulous photographer, and his work will secure him a place in the annals of history.

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