Experts Say Meghan Markle Is Saving The Queen From The Loneliness By Accompanying Her To Events

Date June 22, 2018

Last week, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on a trip to Cheshire for a day of activities. This is the first official outing the duo made together without Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in tow.

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While it is indeed a great honor to accompany the Queen to an event, it is clear that the new Duchess is holding her own quite nicely. Looking smart in her Givenchy dress and broad smile, she was at ease beside the Queen all through the day.

She even got the singular honor of riding with the Queen on the Royal Train from London to Runcorn station in Cheshire. Only so many royals have been on the Queen’s train, so Meghan is quite special.


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One royal expert believes that the new Duchess may be serving a greater purpose by accompanying the Queen to public functions. James Brookes suggests that she may actually be saving the Queen from being lonely on her trips, seeing as Prince Philip has officially retired from active duty.

Although The Queen’s sense of duty trumps all, we have to remember that it will no doubt feel a bit lonely for her, now that Prince Philip’s retired.


Also, he noted that both the Queen and the Duchess looked particularly pleased while on the trip and seemed to be getting along just fine.

The Queen looked incredibly at ease and genuinely happy to have some company on an engagement again.


Brookes shared his thoughts with, adding that the Queen must have taken the opportunity of the train ride to speak with the Duchess without Prince Harry present. It may have been a bonding moment of sorts for both women.


Prince Philip retired from public service in 2017, but the Queen is still quite active, so Meghan may have a full schedule ahead of her.

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