Real Diana 2.0: Little Princess Charlotte Is Looking A Lot Like Princess Diana. They Even Share The Same Hobbies

Date November 16, 2018

One of the perks of being a royal is that there are quite a number of hobbies to choose from. Everything from archery to polo and in between is on the list. And little Princess Charlotte is taking a shine to one special hobby - dancing.


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While speaking to representatives of Princess Diana’s charities at Kensington Palace last year, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that her daughter was learning to dance. “She absolutely loves it,” she said.


However, she is not the first royal in recent times to have a thing for dancing. Princess Diana was also quite the dancer herself. According to Vogue, she learned tap dancing, modern ballet and jazz during her early years. She even danced a duet with Wayne Sleep at the Royal Opera House.

In a recent interview, Prince William said that his mother was a “fantastic dancer.” And now it looks like Princess Charlotte has gotten the royal dancer genes in her as well - another cute sign of how much the little royal mirrors her famous grandma.


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There is a long tradition of hobbies that have been passed down in the royal family. Prince Phillip played polo, and it was also picked up by Prince Charles who eventually got Prince William and Prince Harry playing. Princess Diana may not have been around to pass down dancing to her granddaughter, but it seems like it’s happening anyway.


Princess Charlotte, like her siblings Prince George and Prince Louis, did not get to meet Princess Diana, but Prince William says he finds ways to still let them get to know her. He often shares pictures with them and tells them stories of his childhood.

We can imagine Princess Diana alive and spending time with her grandchildren. And if Princess Charlotte’s naturally feisty disposition is anything to go by, we can bet that the duo would get along just fine.

Besides, Prince William still has a stash of dancing momentos owned by Princess Diana, so there's even more coming little Princess Charlotte's way.

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