Will Sarah Ferguson And Prince Andrew Sit Together At Princess Eugenie's Wedding?

Date June 19, 2018

With the dust raised by Sarah Fergusson’s scandalous affair with John Bryan, and American financial manager all settled, the Duchess of York and her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, gradually got back to talking terms. And over the years, their relationship has become even more cordial.


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It has been over two decades since their 1996 divorce, but if the Duchess’ body language is anything to go by, it looks like she may be far from calling it quits with the Duke. The pair remain very friendly and even attend events together till date, including the graduation of their daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.


Recently, it was revealed that they still live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. The entire family often has meals together there as well as engage in other family activities.

Sarah Fergusson even shared a sweet post on the Duke’s birthday on February 19, calling him “the best looking.” And more recently, she complimented Prince Andrew as he paraded behind the Queen's convoy on horseback for the first time at the Trooping the Color celebrations. Clearly, her affection is not going unnoticed. But does this mean the royals are getting back together anytime soon?

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With the wedding of their eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, around the corner, fans of the royal family are eager to know how the former couple will appear. The Duchess arrived at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle alone. But will the same thing happen at her daughter’s wedding or will she arrive with the Duke of York?


That aside, there is an even bigger question of the seating arrangement. It is traditional for parents of the bride and groom to sit together. Seeing as the Duke and Duchess are divorced, will they honor the tradition and sit together at the wedding?


According to royal expert James Brookes, he expects the Duke and Duchess to sit together, his reason being that there was no real comparison between the previous wedding and the upcoming one. However, he said it would not be surprising if they sat together but had their daughter Beatrice sit between them.


If they do sit as a three, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Andrew, then Beatrice in the middle and Sarah on the other side. If Beatrice is playing a big role in the service, then it might be that Andrew and Sarah sit together.


The answer is still up in the air as details of the wedding in this regard are unlikely to be revealed. However, the date has been set for the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle.

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