Camilla's Reaction To A Fan Complimenting Prince Charles In Front Of Her Is Pretty Amusing

Date June 15, 2018

There are conventional love stories, like in fairytales, where a charming prince swoops in to rescue a damsel in distress and they live happily ever after. However, the story of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is far from it.


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But in spite the uproar about their relationship, it seems love offered them both a second chance. Years after their marriage, the couple still appear madly in love with each other. While in Belfast on Wednesday, for a four-day tour of Northern Ireland, the dashing Prince Charles tried to steal a kiss from his beau.


Sadly, Camilla’s umbrella was in the way in what started out as a romantic display of affection turned out to be an awkward attempt to avoid the edges of her umbrella. Still, he managed to pull off the kiss and gave the cheering fans another butterfly moment.



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But that was not the only awkwardly romantic moment the couple shared. While on a tour of the market in Cork, an excited fan called Margot Ann Murphy said to the Prince 'you are so good looking'.


Later on, while speaking to the press about the encounter, the delighted Murphy said Prince Charles was “thrilled” at the compliment. As for Camilla, she seemed particularly pleased that her man was still getting the ladies giddy.

He was thrilled. And Camilla had a smile from ear to ear, sure she got him - she was the cat that got the cream. She was thrilled.


Seems like Prince Charles never lost that debonair charm from his early days and Camilla is more than happy to know it too. That’s one cat-fight avoided. Go Camilla!

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