Mixed Signals: Prince Charles Was Shady About The True Nature Of His Relationship With Camilla Bowles

Date June 5, 2018

Many Britons hoped that the wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana would turn out to be a modern fairytale. Sadly, their marriage was doomed from the start. Prince Charles was already romantically attached to then Camilla Parker-Bowles, a situation which some say contributed to the eventual dissolution of Princess Diana’s marriage.


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Following Diana’s death, revelations by the press suggest that Prince Charles and Camilla orchestrated a plan to discredit Diana in the press. On her part, the 'People’s Princess' granted damning interviews that painted the royal family in a less than stellar light.

Prince Charles is reported to have been disillusioned at the birth of Prince Harry. Apparently, he hoped to have a baby girl as a second child. Royal autobiographer Andrew Morton in his book, “Diana: Her True Story” said that during Prince Harry’s christening, Prince Charles told Diana’s mother:

We were so disappointed — we thought it would be a girl.


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In all, Prince Charles has been portrayed as lacking a certain degree of empathy, especially with regard to Diana. Once he even joked about needing two wives, a veiled suggestion that Princess Diana was inadequate.

His affair with Camilla was still causing a ruckus in the media after the birth of Prince Harry and eventually, resulted in the Queen demanding Prince Charles and Princess Diana to separate.


With Diana’s passing behind him, Prince Charles got married to Camilla in 2005. Their wedding was a civil event and devoid of the pomp and pageantry usually associated with royal weddings.

Even now, many Britons remain irked about the demise of Princess Diana and blame her death on Prince Charles and Camilla. While collusion has never been proven, conspiracy theorists still continue to present information that supports these suggestions.


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For now, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Wales seem happy to be together and slowly but surely, she is working her way into the hearts of the people of England.

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