Hold Or Not To Hold? Should Meghan And Harry Demonstrate Their Affection Publicly In Front Of The Queen?

Date July 6, 2018

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex seem to show their affection to each other every time they hit the public. However, unlike Kate and William, the newlyweds ignore the unwritten protocol and continue holding hands on every engagement.


So affectionate

Meghan and Harry seem to be passionate about each other in the most amazing way. Every time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear in public, they are noticed to hold their hands, thus showing their endless love towards one another.

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However, is it even allowed for the royals to show affection so vividly in public? Neither Harry’s parents nor grandparents have ever been seen to hold hands on so many occasions. Moreover, even William and Kate don’t get so passionate in public.


So, the question arises, why Harry and Meghan tend to hold their hands so often?

No limit but...

It turns out there is no written protocol about the couple’s relationship in public. That is why, the newlyweds may feel free to embrace their hands and cuddle each other so passionately.

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However, the Windsor family differs from other people, as they are the royals. That is why, so few family members demonstrate their affection in public.


Due to the lack of the experience, Harry and Meghan might not be ready to restrict themselves from holding the hands but have to remember one simple thing: people admire the royal family and need to see them behaving as nobility.


Keep in mind

Luckily, as time passes, the couple might understand the case of the unwritten restriction.


During the recent engagement with the Queen, the couple realized their mistake, and in order to honor Her Majesty’s presence, they refused from holding their hands behind Elizabeth’s back.


What a naughty couple!

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