No Death In The Royal Family: ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship Denied All Speculations About Prince Philip

Date May 18, 2018

Prince Philip is safe and sound. The Internet mess caused by the Buckingham Palace unplanned meeting was quashed when the royal editor for UK television news station ITV announced the alert was fake.

Something is going on

May 3 was an unusual day for the royal family, and all people kept their eyes on the nobility. Queen Elizabeth II called up all the relatives in the Buckingham Palace for the urgent meeting.

The Internet went crazy about the lack of reason for the summoning. People were thinking of the most horrible events happened, up to the death of the family members.

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Stop the hype

However, long-time commentator and correspondent for London’s Evening Standard Robert Jobson announced about no need to worry as there was no real cause for the alarm.


Friday morning calmed everybody down completely. Royal editor of the UK television news station ITV Chris Ship confirmed there is no news from the palace about any death, meaning the hype should be stopped.

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The main fear about the meeting was possible Prince Philip’s death. Luckily, the 95-year-old royal turned out to be perfectly healthy and in good condition, taking into consideration his appearance at the cricket ground.

Official announcements

People shouldn’t build any theories about the possible events without the official statements. In case the unfortunate events happened, the official announcement would be made until 8 a.m. the next day.

As no confirmation from the sources was received, there shouldn’t be any worries about the possible issue.

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