Her Majesty Is Feeling Under The Weather: Everything You Need To Know About The Recent Disturbing Events

Date July 2, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II was feeling not very well and had to miss the planned event due to the health issues. Despite numerous rumors about the royal’s condition, Buckingham Palace assured the country’s leader is now steadily recovering.


Missed event

Her Majesty announced she wasn’t able to attend the event at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The service in the cathedral was confined to the 200th anniversary of St. Michael and St. George’s Order.

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However, this time, the Queen was forced to miss the important event and sent the Duke of Kent, Prince Edward, to the cathedral instead of her. The public became extremely worried. There was only one thing that could have prevented Her Majesty from attending the service.

Still active

Buckingham Palace confirmed: Queen Elizabeth II was not feeling well. The authorities claimed she was a bit “under the weather” to attend the service.


As it turned out, Her Majesty suffered from summer cold but decided not to apply to the hospital. Such occasions are very rare, as the Queen doesn’t like to cancel the engagements. The previous year, Her Majesty visited 154 different events and refused from the help of the younger royals.

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Unpleasant surgery

Another reason to think hard about the missed engagement is Elizabeth’s recent eye surgery to remove cataract in May. She decided to act as a day patient in the private King Edward VII's hospital. Luckily, the surgery ended successfully, and the Queen received her necessary rest.


Even though the previous month wasn’t easy for Her Majesty, and considering her rare missing of the event, the royal still traveled to Windsor from Buckingham on June 28. Moreover, her July plan wasn’t changed, meaning the minor difficulties have already passed.

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