Duane "Dog" And Beth Chapman Celebrated Their 12-Year Wedding Anniversary! Life-Long Happiness Through Overcoming Cancer

Date May 23, 2018

Duane and Beth celebrate their 12th anniversary! The fabulous celebrity couple had to overcome a lot of obstacles on their way, but despite all challenges, the former hunters are happy to spend this time together.

Twelve years of marriage is not all the time the Chapmans know each other. Duane and Beth became business partners in 1995 but got married only 11 years after.

They have always been a delicious target for the media, and when 'Dog' announced about the wife’s diagnosis in September 2017, the world got really scared.

Luckily, the throat cancer was conquered, when Dog and Beth spoke about disease-free life during their two-hour long documentary Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. Now, the fascinating couple is happy to celebrate their 12th anniversary without any health problems.

They serve as great motivation, underlining one simple fact – cancer is not a verdict. Moreover, the main treatment against the unfortunate disease is obvious – true love. Duane supported his wife every second they were together, and his support was strong enough, especially in the most challenging moments.

We want to congratulate the glorious couple with their anniversary and wish them to keep staying positive and never stop cheering their fans with the most adorable photos from their life. May your life path continue in the same pace.