It Won't Be White: The World's Fashion Designers Shared Their Opinions About Meghan Markle's Possible Wedding Dress

Date May 9, 2018 17:50

Women (and even some men) all over the world are puzzled with one major question that will not be answered until the royal wedding ceremony – Meghan's wedding dress. Some of the most famous designers are trying to predict Markle’s decision.

Designers' opinions

According to the tradition, only a few people are allowed to have a look at the bride’s wedding dress. The others can only express their expectations and wait if they meet the reality.


The most common expectations were made in favor of modern, non-traditional style. If choosing between American and British trends, Meghan will likely go for the last one, as she is joining the royal family, so her decision might be justified.

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Possible variant

However, the wildest guess, perhaps, was recently made by Ramona Keveza. The celebrity fashion designer shared her thoughts that touched the fact about Markle’s first wedding:

Given the fact that Meghan is marrying for the second time she can wear purl, but she can’t wear white.

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According to Ramona’s point, the other possible variants may include cream, oyster, and other non-white soft colors.

Apart from that, there is another royal non-written rule regarding the wedding dress. All the previous brides wore long sleeves, meaning no bear arms.

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Another broken tradition?

Even though Meghan Markle has already broken a few royal traditions, when it concerns the wedding habits, most experts think she will definitely be respectful to the royal family and the UK in general.

Only a few days left till the most anticipated event of 2018. So, hold tight, ladies and gentlemen: the show is about to begin.


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