Katy Perry "Is Looking For A Wedding Dress!" The Pop Star Has Reunited With Her Ex Orlando Bloom

Date June 1, 2018

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are together again! The couple is now taking it slow and doesn’t appear on the public eye too often. The celebrities are reportedly arranging an important event that will change the life of them as a family.

Unfortunate split

American pop singer Katy Perry and British actor Orlando Bloom were an amazing couple during 2016. However, unfortunate obstacles caused their split back in February 2017.


The main reason for the end of the relationship was the lack of time devoted to each other. Apart from that, both appeared on public too often and claimed such overexposing also influenced their split. Luckily, the fabulous couple has reunited and are preparing for a remarkable event in their lives.

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Future wedding?

Bloom and Perry are now working hard to keep their relationship unrevealed. Although Katy didn’t hide the fact that she dates Orlando again, the couple is fighting overexposing – the main problem that might have caused their split previously.


The celebrities are now reportedly making everything to spend as much time as possible with each other. What is more, the two have already made a few memorable trips together and started feeling “normal” to see whether they are ready to develop the relationship.

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Orlando has matured. The actor is now completely ready to take his and Katy’s careers in focus as well as start planning their future wedding. Even though the events might be developing too unexpectedly, the couple doesn’t hurry anywhere not to ruin everything again.

Matured Orlando

Orlando Bloom doesn’t look like a man who is happy to return his ex-girlfriend. On the contrary, he is extremely delighted to find his true love and is ready to unite his heart together with the 33-year-old pop diva:

She’s a remarkable human being, actually. I wouldn’t have imagined anything happening. And, you know, when you get hit sideways, you get hit sideways. You don’t pick who you fall in love with.


Hopefully, this time, the lovebirds will find their nest and settle down to cheer us up with another adorable Hollywood family. We wish them to stay strong and work hard to be forever together.

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