No Ascot, Let's Party: Princess Beatrice Appears At Three Different Events Looking Magnificently Different

Date June 22, 2018

Princess Beatrice fascinated the royal fans with three absolutely different outfits in three days. She looked modern and informal during the Serpentine Summer party and underwent a miraculous transformation during the third day of Royal Ascot.

Queen's favorite event

Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t feel happier about her most beloved event of the year. Royal Ascot is the most awaited week for many royals, eager to show their best outfits in front of the public. During the first day, Her Majesty opted for bright yellow clothes to cheer up the cloudy weather.


The second day was marked with less colorful but still eye-catching outfit. Light-blue image decorated with pink flowers and diamond brooch made everybody turn their heads to see the Queen.

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Let Royal Ascot Wait

However, not all the royal family members preferred Royal Ascot as their destination this week. Princess Beatrice decided she would rather attend Serpentine Summer party on June 19. The 29-year-old royal opted for the informal event, underlining it with the appropriately stylish outfit – a showy feather print dress, which she paired with silver sandals and a box bag.


The black jacket and reckless hairstyle made an impression that we were witnessing a rock star rather than a royal family member. However, the next day, she completely changed her image. Her incredible transformation was marked at the Victoria and Albert Museum Summer Party, where Beatrice wore a white dress with asymmetric ruffle detail, which she accompanied with crazy blue high (really high) heels.


The only piece of outfit preserved from the previous day was a black box bag fitting for her rock style and for the formal occasion.

Day three

Finally, on June 21, Princess Beatrice cheered the royal fans with her appearance during the day three of Royal Ascot. And again, her formal outfit, chosen for the official occasion, was just perfect. The modest black jacket looked amazing with a traditional hat of the weird shape.

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