No Rihanna At The Royal Party: The Queen Of Pop Gave The Best Answer To The Absence Of Invitation

Rihanna’s response to the absence of royal wedding invitation was simply stunning. Even though the Barbadian singer met Prince Harry in 2016, she won’t be present at the ceremony and gave the best comment about it.

Guest list

The royal wedding will be tremendous. A lot of detail are still kept in secret; however, the guest list has been recently revealed. An amazing number of 2,640 visitors are officially invited to the Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

Among them, the royal couple made 1,200 invitation to the public people, 600 to the relatives, 200 to the charity organizations members, and even 100 to the pupils from the Royal School, Great Park, Windsor, and St. George’s School. Even though the number is huge, not everyone will manage to get to the most awaited event of 2018.

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Star's response

Unfortunately, Rihanna was one of the unlucky. The Queen of Pop and the Prince of Wales happened to meet in 2016 during Barbados National HIV/AIDS Commission event. However, this one particular meeting wasn’t enough to be invited to the wedding.


The good news is Rihanna feels completely fine and totally understands the absence of invitation. When the reporter asked the star if she knew the reason for ignoring her regardless of meeting Harry, the 30-year-old singer gave the best answer:

OK, you met me. You think you're coming to my wedding?

Rihanna doesn’t seem to be offended, but we all know such event is the best place to show up on the public one more time. Whether the singer is really fine with it will stay forever with her.

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Sensible reason

And now think, how many people have you seen throughout your life? And how many of them do you know personally? What about the most important event in your life? How many of them have you invited?

Rihanna is completely right: you are not obliged to see everyone at your wedding even if you once met them; even if they are super cool like the legendary singer.

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