Sarah Ferguson Posted A Touching Phrase That Could Possibly Push Changes Inside The Royal Family

Date June 26, 2018

Family reunion for Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew. The Duke and Duchess of York have been living together on the Windsor premises for a long time after their divorce, and now, Sarah made a life-changing Instagram post, naming her ex and her beautiful daughter a family.


Day four for Sarah

Sarah Ferguson accompanied Prince Andrew during the day four of Royal Ascot. She appeared at the event in a dark blue navy outfit and, together with her daughter Princess Beatrice, gave the courtesy to Queen Elizabeth II.

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Moreover, the Duchess of York was later noticed chatting with Her Majesty.

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Family reunion

After the event, the Internet began to witness the most joyful moments of the day four. Sarah couldn’t help sharing her most memorable time and posted a lovely picture of her ex-husband Prince Andrew, her daughter Princess Beatrice, and herself. She also made a marking signature for the photo, underlining the blossoming relationship inside the family.

Marriage tradition

The royal traditions imply tight interconnection among all the family members. With this in mind and regardless of how weird it may sound, Prince Andrew had a special reason to wait for the birth of the third child for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Louis pushed the Duke of York to the seventh place in the line for the crown. This means Andrew is now free to choose his future wife.


Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Well, actually, the tradition says, the first six people in the line for the throne are entitled to receive the Queen’s consent before getting married.


Well, the family hasn’t been so close since their split in 1992. Perhaps, the next royal wedding won’t be long in coming.

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