Tom Cruise And His Three Children: Does The Actor Share Unequal Love To His Kids?

Date May 30, 2018 13:53

The father of three Tom Cruise seems to spread his love among the children unequally. Judging from the actor’s behavior, his youngest daughter, Suri, doesn’t look like receiving much attention from the celebrity dad.

Tom's kids

Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman in 1990 and became a father to a boy, Connor Antony, and a girl, Isabella.


The couple filed for divorce in 2001 after Kidman was unexpectedly pregnant due to the ectopic condition that ended in a miscarriage.

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The next Cruise’s marriage, with Katie Holmes, featured the birth of his third baby, Suri, in 2006, but also ended with the divorce in 2012 after almost six years of family life.

Scientology influence

An important part of the actor’s life is connected with the Church of Scientology. Its help to overcome Cruise’s dyslexia condition was so helpful that Tom always kept to the way of life proposed by the establishment. With this in mind, the Mission Impossible star involved his adopted kids into Church, while their mother Nicole wasn’t happy to stick to the similar lifestyle.


That is one of the reasons Connor and Isabella communicate so little with Kidman. Moreover, the kids’ stepsister, Suri, and her mother, Katie, seem to have views that also differ from the Tom’s.

Less attention

Holmes filed for divorce when Suri was six years old. She claimed to be granted sole custody of their daughter and let Tom visit the kid from time to time.

Katie didn’t share her former husband’s religious believes and decided to keep Suri away from this as well. The last documented father and daughter’s photo was made in 2013, and since then no public appearances of Cruise and his youngest kid has been noticed.


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Katie made a great impact on Tom’s relationship with daughter and, perhaps, that is why the American actor spends so little time with his youngest child.

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