"America’s Loss Is Our Gain." Duchess Of Cornwall Can't Stop Feeling Delighted About Markle Joining The Royal Family

Date May 17, 2018

Once considered an odd one out in the royal family, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is now an integral part of all noble events. Her opinions are relevant, and her thoughts are considered nationwide. Due to the upcoming event of the year, it is interesting to recollect Camilla’s comment she made some time ago, related to Meghan Markle.

Long way through

It won’t be easy for Harry’s bride to adapt to the life inside the royal family. However, for Meghan, this will be definitely easier to do than for Camilla.


The Duchess of Cornwall made her way into the royal residence after Princess Diana's death, so she had to overcome a lot: children’s adaptation, public approval, and most significantly, Queen’s acceptance.

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Luckily, her tender character and single-minded approach allowed Camilla to become a respectful member of the royal family.

Camilla's comment

Now, after such a challenging way through, the Duchess of Cornwall either has her complete right to utter her opinion regarding the future members of the family.


Considering the recent events, it isn’t difficult to guess who was the target for Camilla’s comments. The 70-year-old royal expressed her sincere excitement about Meghan and couldn’t help mentioning how delighted the family was for several times:

America’s loss is our gain.

Those news that the royal family expands without any problems are just wonderful. Meghan is a real cutie, and you won’t find a person who might not like her.

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Complete family

We can’t imagine the royal family without Camilla already. After Diana’s death, she tried hard to substitute the mother for the princes. Even though there were some slight misunderstandings between the Duchess and the public, those time are already forgotten.

Keep your smile wide, Camilla, and never stop cheering us up with your adorable moments.

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