Meghan Markle In Cheshire: First Engagement Without Harry, Confusion With The Queen, And Stunning Outfit

Date June 15, 2018 13:15

She definitely knows what to put on. In an amazingly adorable outfit, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visited Cheshire in her first public engagement without Harry but with the Queen instead. Markle repeatedly tried the similar colors, and every single time she looks inimitable.

Who should go first?

Meghan Markle made a great impression during her first public engagement without Harry; this time, she accompanied the Queen. And even though they say the first step is always troublesome, the Duchess of Sussex coped with her duty with flying colors.

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Even the small misunderstanding with Queen Elizabeth didn’t spoil the flawless trip. It seemed like Meghan forgot the protocol and wanted to let Her Majesty enter the vehicle first. But, after a small discussion, the Duchess jumped into the car followed by the Queen.

That dress

The cute episode wasn’t the main attraction that evening. Meghan’s outfit was something most people were looking at.


The nude colors made the Duchess look elegant and mesmerizing, with a black belt underlining her perfectly shaped stature. The upper part of the dress covered her shoulders, making the entire garment both modest and exquisite.

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Perfect color

Meghan opted for exactly this outfit for a good reason. Either she or her stylist noticed the Duchess looks amazing in the similar colors. A few days ago, Markle visited Trooping The Colour event in a tender pale dress with a distinctive hat of the same color.


On December 25, she attended Christmas Day Church service in an elegant coat that looked complete with a brownish hat of an interesting shape.


Meghan Markle is slowly working towards pleasing the royal family to the utmost extent. Despite minor misunderstandings, the Duchess looks confident beside the nobility and, perhaps, already feels like the part of the family.

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