Royal Children At The Wedding: Cheerful Charlotte And Shy George

Date May 23, 2018

Little Charlotte and George spent unforgettable time at their uncle’s wedding. With both having special roles, they also had a few sweet moments that are definitely worth recollecting one more time.

Experienced wedding children

So young but so experienced. That was already the second wedding Charlotte and George took part in. Some time ago, their aunt Pippa Middleton invited Kate’s kids to be a pageboy and a bridesmaid accordingly.


This time, during Harry’s wedding, Charlotte was a flower girl, while George still played a role of a serious pageboy. So, what were the most unforgettable moments of the two most memorable little guests during the royal wedding?

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Charlotte and George

Charlotte was really confident. She occupied the front row and posed cheerfully to the media. That is why people adore the little cutie – she is not afraid of cameras and keeps waving her tiny hand to every paparazzi coming close.



George was a bit more reserved. But even though he wasn’t so actively posing to journalists, it doesn’t mean people like him less.

William’s kids are marvelous, and once they get older, they will watch through these memorable photos and probably recollect how important they were during the wedding.

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Sweet memories

Unfortunately, the event missed another important royal family member – little Louis. Perhaps, he witnessed the wedding ceremony from home together with his beloved nanny, Maria Borrallo.

We are happy that the youngest royal generation also takes an active part in the family life. Hopefully, their parents will cheer us with even more beautiful pictures and moments, both from the official occasions and their everyday life.

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