Beth Chapman Shared A Cute Photo With Her Husband Wearing Identical Pajamas

Beth and Dog Chapman look adorably similar even in bed. One of the latest couple’s photos featured a pair of identical moose pajamas on the Chapmans family.

Cancer free

She did it! She got rid of cancer that was diagnosed in 2017. The 13-hour surgery was aimed to remove the throat tumor threatening Beth’s life. Luckily, with the professional doctors’ help, Mrs. Chapman is now cancer-free. Her husband shared:

I thank God that we had at least that much faith to get her through that.

Apart from that, Beth has also lost 50 lbs! She swept the lazy tedious routine with an active sports lifestyle. Now, the 50-year-old woman devotes four hours a day to physical exercises to get rid of more extra weight.

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Cute bedtime moment

Another helpful ingredient for a healthy lifestyle is a flawless relation with the closest person. Beth and Dog are a unique couple. Their passionate love is inseparable and that is vividly noticed on the photos from the social networks. Recently, Mrs. Chapman showed how cute they could be in bed – the image featured Beth and her husband in the identical moose pajamas.

The fans are delighted with the adorable relationship between the couple and are always waiting for other sparkling events in their life.

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Other sweet memories

Mrs. and Mr. Dog seem to love wearing similar outfits. Beth’s Instagram can boast a few other inspiring photos with the Chapmans in the identical clothes.

We hope the two won’t stop cheering us up with even more cute photos from their lives. Stay with us to keep up with the latest news from the couple’s life.

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