Endless Love In The Bushes Family: George Pays Another Tribute To His Late Wife While Recovering In The Hospital

Date June 7, 2018

41st American president, George Herbert Walker Bush, and his wife, Barbara Bush, had spent a long life together. Their love lasted for 73 years until the unfortunate death of the former first lady. Even though Barbara is no longer with us, George Bush continues living, reminiscing about her every single moment.


Don't let her go

He was holding her hand when she was dying. That is what Jean Becker, chief of staff at Bush’s former office reportedly mentioned in her recent interview. He didn’t want to let her go.

His official but touching letter was the best tribute George could send to his deceased wife. Even though the former president said the life goes on, he couldn’t live a moment without reminiscing about Barbara.

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Another tribute

George’s Twitter was recently updated with a sweet post about another tribute to the late wife. While spending his time in the hospital, recovering from the minor health problems, Bush continued reading a book about their life with Barbara. The former American president looks so happy mentioning how lucky he was with Mrs. Bush.

The book’s author Ellie LeBlond Sosa (the couple’s granddaughter) and coauthor Kelly Anne Chase made at least one person cheer up while reading the lines of the exclusive insight into the Bushes life.


Stay strong

After Barabara’s death, this is already the second time George gets into the hospital with blood pressure problems and fatigue. His heart is mourning about the lost wife and shows how difficult it is to continue living without the beloved partner.

We keep our prayers loud and hope Mr. Bush will recover soon.

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