Passionate Kiss During NY Gala 2018: Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Were No Slouch On The Stage

Date June 5, 2018 13:10

The American Songbook Gala witnessed the passionate relationship between Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban is as hot as in the first month. Their kiss on the stage marked the happiness the family is now filled with.

Forgotten family

17 years have passed after Nicole divorced Tom Cruise. The couple was parents for two adopted children, Connor and Isabella, who took after their stepfather and decided to let the Scientology into their lives.


Nicole didn’t approve her former family’s choice that, perhaps, became the most significant reason for the couple’s split. Since that times, Kidman seems to erase those memories, forgetting to honor her former family every time she receives another award.

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Delighted Kidman

Since 2006, when she married Keith, Nicole never looked sad again. Their romantic affairs brought the couple two marvelous daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.


Twelve years after the happy family was founded, Nicole and Keith still look like naïve lovebirds. Their passionate kiss on the American Songbook Gala in New York knocked down the public with a feather.

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Kidman looked stunning in her long-sleeved patterned gold dress with a high neck. As always, the 50-year-old superstar was shining.

Keep it up!

Later that night, the two had a romantic dinner, captured in Nicole’s Instagram. The happy couple looked fabulous.

We are extremely happy for the Kidman-Urban family and wish them to continue cheering us up with even more remarkable moments from their life.

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