Has Caitlyn Jenner Lost It? 68-Year-Old Announced "I'm Now A Russia Fan!"

Date June 13, 2018

Caitlyn Jenner is a Russia fan now!


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Yes, you read that correctly. Transgender fighter for LGBT rights is now supporting one of the most controversial countries when it comes to matters of gay community.

You might be asking "why in the world did Jenner suddenly proclaim her love for Russia?". Well, it has something to do with the World Cup 2018.

It's for a good cause

Caitlyn Jenner took to her Instagram to announce that she is now a fan of Russia and urged everyone to support Russian team during the upcoming football championship. Russian football team is cooperating with Paddy Power, an Irish bookmaker firm, in the name of charity. Every goal scored by Russia during the World Cup will equal to 10,000 pounds donated to LGBT+ causes.

Seeing that Russia has been known for having controversial attitude about gay rights and same-sex marriages, the campaign is hoping to improve situation in the country. 

Wrong role model?

It's certainly a noble and very generous cause, but we wonder, is Caitlyn Jenner the best person to represent this funding?

Although openly transgender, Jenner has been vocal about her conservative beliefs. She doesn't believe in same-sex marriages, which even caused her feud with Ellen DeGeneres, famous supporter of all LGBT+ rights.


Caitlyn openly talked about her views on Ellen's show, and since then, she has been less than liked by the gay community.

Did Jenner change her tune or is she genuinely excited about the Russian campaign? All we know is she will definitely be watching World Cup sporting red, white, and blue.

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