Was Princess Diana A Born Manipulator? According To Her Friend, She Was A Manipulative And Spoiled Daughter

Date August 23, 2018

Many fans of Princess Diana still can't put her life to rest looking for more interesting details about her. While we know about her years as Prince Charles' wife and the tragedy of their marriage, there are still many things to uncover about her pre-royal life. Let's take a glimpse at her early years leading up to a person we've all come to love.

Managing her parents' divorce

Diana's parents, John Spencer and Frances Shand Kydd, got married in 1954, in a fairytale wedding, which was even attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Phillip. John Spencer had always had close ties to the royal family, and served as an Equarry to the Queen's father during his reign.


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Despite the beautiful wedding and five lovely children, the marriage didn't last. John and Frances divorced in 1969, when Diana was only 8 years old.


At such a tender age, it was understandably difficult for the young royal-to-be to deal with her parents' split. Rumor has it, Diana found her own way of dealing with the situation and, allegedly, was able to take some advantage of it.

Young manipulator?

According to Sally Bedell Smith's book, Diana. The Life of a Troubled Princess, the future royal quickly realized that her parents' failed marriage can be beneficial for her, as many divorced people feel guilty and try to make it up to their children.


Bedell Smith mentions thoughts of one of Diana's close friends, who recalled her being manipulative with of her parents. Kids are usually able to feel when their parents can't say no, and apparently, young Diana also quickly picked up on that. Both John and Frances wanted her attention, and didn't hesitate to do whatever would get them the desired affection of their daughter.


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If we can trust this story, we can't really blame young Diana. Divorce is hard on kids, so whatever makes them feel better, especially if it's provided by the parents, is the right thing to do in a difficult situation.

More controversial information

Diana. The Life of a Troubled Princess isn't the only book painting Princess Diana as a manipulative person. Prince Harry's scandalous biography, Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son, also mentioned Diana in less than flattering light.

The author claimed Diana's manipulative nature carried onto her motherhood:

Diana wasn't thinking like a mother. She was the child, still nursing those feelings of abandonment and emptiness that she had carried for so much of her life, hellbent on self-aggrandisement and self-justification, and ultimately, self-destruction.

According to the book, Princess Diana craved for her sons' affection, and did everything she could to win their strong love.

Despite such claims, many people reject the ideas described in the book, and don't believe that Diana was that person.

It's not surprising to see some people trying to find something wrong in Princess Diana as it's natural for humans to look for flaws in a seemingly flawless thing. Tell us your thoughts on this, do you believe Diana was a born manipulator?

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