How Does Meghan Markle Bring Out Prince Charles' Unexpected Playful Side? Body Language Expert Reveals

Date June 13, 2018 16:09

There's no doubt Meghan Markle and Prince Charles are now closer than ever after he walked her down the aisle during the royal wedding.


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After Meghan's father couldn't attend the wedding, it seemed that the bride was going to be left alone, but Prince of Wales stepped in to save the day.


Since the wedding, the royal family has been spending quality time together, and Charles' warm feelings toward his son's new wife are even more apparent now.

Meghan's fun likeability

Over the weekend, members of the royal family attended Trooping the Colour festivities. They were all seen on a balcony together, and body language experts caught something interesting in Duke of Cornwall's behavior.

Prince Charles' place was next to the Queen on one side and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the other. But he was much more drawn to turn around to face Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Charles was often seen having fun talking to the newlyweds. He was laughing and enjoying their chat whenever the opportunity presented itself. Body language expert notes:

There's clearly strong bonds of affection between Charles and Kate, but Harry and his wife do seem to bring out the heir to the throne's more playful side.

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Meghan was also enjoying the company of her father-in-law. She was chuckling and happily engaging with Charles.

According to experts, Duchess of Sussex possesses a delightful likeability, which makes people want to be around her:

Meghan uses some great flattering body language signals to boost the ego of the people she's talking or listening to, and the smile and raised hand here does seem to be putting Charles into raconteur mode. 


In addition, Meghan is very close with Charles' wife, Camilla. The two were seen very friendly chatting during Duke of Cornwall's birthday.


We also know that Camilla was helping Meghan with pre-wedding jitters and feeling more comfortable within the royal family.


Considering everything, it seems impossible for Charles not to love Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry picked a real winner. 

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