King Edward VIII's Ultimate Sacrifice Of The Throne For The Life Of Happiness With His Soulmate Wallis Simpson

Date November 15, 2018

History is often shaped by women. To be more specific, men, who do anything that's possible to be with the women they love. The story of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson seems as if it's a plot to a larger-than-life dramatic movie, but everything the royal has done for his beloved is true.

Edward VIII's rise to the throne

The eldest son of George V was destined to become the king of Britain. Once he was old enough to tend to official royal engagements, he became very popular with the public owing to his concern with underprivileged areas of the country, which were hit by the economic crisis of the 1930's.

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In January of 1936, George V passed away and Edward humbly took the crown. Little did he know that his rule would last less than a year, because the destiny intervened.


Five years before Edward receiving the title of a king, he met the woman who would disrupt his reign and become his future wife – Wallis Simpson. 

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Bloom of love and abandoned throne

In 1931, Edward VIII met Wallis Simpson, an American socialite, who was married to her second husband at the time. Edward was known for his affairs with a number of women in the 30s, but Simpson became the one, despite her complicated personal status.


Their love grew as strong as Edward's political power, but there had to be a balance between his personal and professional life. Since Wallis was married it meant she had to get a divorce to be with Edward, but the Church of England rejected the idea of the king marrying a divorcée.


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Edward tried to find a solution, but his every compromise was rejected by the Church. There was only one way he could marry Wallis: He had to give up the crown. 

In December 1936, less than a year after becoming king, Edward VIII signed the abdication and gave the throne to his younger brother, George VI.

Was it worth it?

Edward and Wallis married in 1937, he didn't want to waste any more time without her and wanted to start their life together immediately. King George VI granted his older brother the title of Duke of Windsor, which allowed Edward to retain his royal privileges.

The couple lived happily together until Edward's death in 1972.


Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson proved they were meant to be together in this life, and it's incredibly admirable to see that he was strong enough to fight for their love.

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