In 1975, Prince Charles Shared Advice On How To Make Love And Marriage Work, But Did He Follow It?

Date August 29, 2018

Prince Charles has had a lot of experience with a married life. First, he was in a complicated union with Princess Diana, which ended in a divorce, and now, he's in a happy marriage with the love of his life, Camilla Parker-Bowles. He knows what it's like trying to make work what wasn't meant to be, and what it takes to preserve and fight for what you want the most.

Perfect marriage

It's no doubt that Charles is still very much in love with Duchess of Cornwall, which makes us believe they're a match made in heaven. In a documentary that followed Camilla's day-to-day life for a year titled The Real Camilla: HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince of Wales praised his "darling wife" and her personal qualities.


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The couple always looks exceptionally happy together and supports each other during official royal engagements. Considering how much Charles had to fight to be with Camilla, we're positive he knew she was exactly what he'd been looking for, but what was it exactly?

His honest opinion on love and marriage

In his book, Russian author Dmitrij Medvedev mentions Charles' interview with the Evening Standard in 1975, in which the young royal revealed his understanding of what a true love is.


According to Charles, love is hard work, which is built on friendship, common interests, and understanding. It's more than just falling for another person and choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. 

We can see that even before his marriage to Diana, Charles had a concrete view of what he expects from a successful marriage. That saying, he firmly believed that sharing his life with someone else is the biggest responsibility a person can take upon them and it requires a lot of work.

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Now, that we know Charles' thoughts about a perfect relationship, we believe he saw the same mentality in Parker-Bowles.


We can't help but be happy for the couple, as it's so difficult for people to find their soulmates, which we're confident Charles and Camilla are for each other.

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