Ewan McGregor And Estranged Wife Eve Mavrakis Appear On Friendly Terms As They Reunite At Daughter's Graduation

In January of this year, Ewan McGregor and Eva Mavrakis filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. Nevertheless, they appear to be on good terms and even reunite for big occasions.


Ewan McGregor is the famous Scottish actor, known for his numerous roles in independent dramas. Together with his ex-wife, Eva Mavrakis, he has four children, one of them was adopted from Mongolia. He is a loving and devoted husband and father, and he even made a tattoo of the names of his wife and daughters on his right arm. But despite so many years together, they got divorced.

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Ewan McGregor and Eva Mavrakis has recently reunited at their daughter's graduation. At that day, they were together like one happy family. Their daughter Clara got a Photography degree in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. In her Instagram account, she wrote:

Thank you to my wonderful parents for giving me the gift of a full education. I feel truly grateful for this experience. 

This is not the first time Clara posted photo of her mother and father together. For example, she posted this cute retro picture on her 22nd birthday, and it was taken when she was a baby.

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Despite all misunderstandings, they are in friendly relations for the kid’s sake. This is an example to be followed by others!


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